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About Me

My background

Until recently I was what they referred to as a rolling stone.  the last five years have been WAYdifferent than the first  32 years.  I either traveled to or lived in 27 different countries and visited more coutries outside of the US than I have visited states in the US.  You are probably saying to yourself right now Trust fund kid or heir to a fortune, which would both be cool,but I actually got lucky with my first job and found out within a year that I could do everything that these jokers were doing only better.  Fifteen years laterwe are still rocking  and rolling, which hen it comes time will put my son and I through traveling adventures.

How I got started

My first trip EVER was to Disney, which was followed up by two weeks in Chicago.  My sister and I traveled by ourelves. I was five years old and she was three.  Different point in time in 1985, then todays traveling issues, but being that I was so young I think my entire attitude on traveling was stuck in good old  1985.  From therei was a traveling fool.  I was fortunate to be  decent soccer, baseball and baseketball player so my weekends were filled tournaments in NYC or a tryout for some other team in oregon.   

Top destinations

As the bong resin  and the beer hop nights of my college years always seem to be the most memorable trips in reality I know that it was by luck that I didn't end up in many more bad situations.  I dare  you to go to spring break in Daytona beach and stay at the Desert Inn and come back from those experiences as a better person. i will show you photo evidence  of this modern day sodem and gamora.  if  you have a daughter you may want to skip this section.  After college i did the obligatory  European trip.  I am going to stop there because i feel like anything i can show you in the written format, just wont stand a chance against the pics and videos coming up.


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